Innovation Union

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q Innovation Union web page
Report of the FP7 interim evaluation expert group
Commission response on the interim evaluation report
q  Key documents for FP7

Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011 (click here for the website)
Draft EP Report on “Innovation Union: transforming Europe for a post-crisis world” (2010/2245(INI)), Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.(Rapporteur: Judith A. Merkies)

Simplification FP
Draft report on simplifying the implementation of the Research Framework Programmes
Simplification Seminar, Wednesday, 14 July 2010

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Innovation links
Press release; New Innovation Union Scoreboard, 1 February 2011
Full report Innovation Union Scoreboard
Memo Innovation Union Scoreboard
q  ICT: High-Level Expert Group on Key Enabling Technologies 
q  Mid-Term Report; Mastering and deploying Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)
q  Evaluations undertaken for the Commission
q  European Innovation Scoreboard 2009

Further background material
q  Cohesion and Innovation: Evaluations of the 2007-2013 programming period
A network of experts has evaluated the performance of the European Commission's Cohesion and Innovation policy.
q  Research in Innovation
Research on Innovation is a non-profit organization created to conduct, sponsor and promote research on technological innovation
q  Innovation Watch
Innovation Watch is continuously scanning for early signals of change
q  Open Innovation Community
The Open Innovation Portal serves as an informational resource
q  Open Innovation
To meet the increasing need for information 
q  The Future of Innovation
The Future of Innovation is a little bit like a "wikipedia" for the next frontier of innovation 
q  Search Engine for R&D Industries in SEE
I-SEEMob's search engine for R&D Industries 

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