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ALLEA, the federation of All European Academies, was founded in 1994 and currently brings together 58 Academies in more than 40 countries from the Council of Europe region. Member Academies operate as learned societies, think tanks and research performing organisations. They are self- governing communities of leaders of scholarly enquiry across all fields of the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. ALLEA therefore provides access to an unparalleled human resource of intellectual excellence, experience and expertise.

Independent from political, commercial and ideological interests, ALLEA’s policy work seeks to contribute to improving the framework conditions under which science and scholarship can excel. Jointly with its Member Academies, ALLEA is in a position to address the full range of structural and policy issues facing Europe in science, research and innovation. In doing so, it is guided by a common understanding of Europe bound together by historical, social and political factors as well as for scientific and economic reasons.                  

   ALLEA Mission and Strategy                                                                                                           


Major Events

Latest News

SASSH Survey: ALLEA and the Union of the German Academies release extensive study of science academy research and the potential for collaboration 


The Boundaries of Europe - ALLEA releases first volume in essay series Discourses on Intellectual Europe


European Academy Organisations' statement on President Juncker's announcement
of the new mechanism for independent scientific advice


"Going Digital" - Launch of ALLEA E-Humanities Working Group report



ALLEA issues Joint Declaration “15 Years of Lisbon Agenda” on science and research in Europe

ALLEA President GŁnter Stock re-elected for three-year term


ALLEA Prize awarded to Dame Helen Wallace by Commissioner Carlos Moedas


Recent ALLEA Publications

 International AEMASE Conference on Science Education - Conference Report


DUSA, Adrian; NELLE, Dietrich; STOCK, GŁnter; WAGNER, Gert. G.: Facing the Future: European Research Infrastructures for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Berlin: Scivero Verlag, 2014.

ALLEA Statement on Enhancement of Open Access to Scientific Publications in Europe

ALLEA Statement on Patentability and Research Funding relating to embryonic Stem Cells (e-SCs)

ALLEA Statement on Ethics Education in Science

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