The Scientific Advice Mechanism


SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) is designed to support the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM), which provides independent scientific policy advice to the European Commission. The aim of SAM is to offer the European Commission high quality, timely and independent scientific advice for its policy-making activities. The Mechanism works independent of institutional and political interests and takes into account the specificities of the EU policy making.

Created in 2015 as a replacement to the Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA), the Mechanism draws on the scientific expertise of European scientific community. The core of SAM is the High Level Group of Scientific Advisor (HLG), which consists of seven highly qualified, specialised, independent experts. The HLG works in a close relationship with national academies across Europe via the SAPEA project.

SAM’s architecture also relies on the SAM Secretariat, which is hosted in the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation and facilates the HLG’s interaction with the EU policy making process.

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