Mission & Statutes


Guided by a common understanding of Europe bound together by historical, social, cultural and political factors as well as for scientific and economic reasons, ALLEA’s mission includes:

  • promoting the exchange of information and experiences between Academies, and fostering international scientific cooperation,
  • representing the European Academies and communicating their positions to European authorities and institutions,
  • contributing with its policy for science work to the improvement of the framework conditions under which science and scholarship can flourish,
  • fostering excellence and high ethical standards in the conduct of research, as well as inter-, trans-, and multidisciplinary approaches in all scientific endeavours,
  • offering the best available impartial scientific advice to a wide range of decision-makers and stakeholders in the science policy arena as well as to the European society at large,
  • striving for academic freedom and the autonomy of science and research, and of scientific institutions,
  • contributing to the process of European integration and to a close collaboration in science between EU and non-EU countries in Europe,
  • promoting public trust in scientific values and processes, and providing a platform for public engagement with science.
  • securing the preservation, protection, and interpretation of the European cultural heritage.


ALLEA has amended its statutes as the organisation, its membership and its activities have grown.

When the secretariat was moved to Amsterdam (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences), the then president Pieter Drenth proposed to the GA 2006 that ALLEA be registered as an Association under Dutch Law.

During the registration process, legal requirements under Dutch law necessitated further amendments which were accepted by the General Assembly following the business meeting in 2010.

The amendments were officially incorporated in ALLEA’s Articles of Association in January 2012. Despite the secretariat’s move to Berlin (Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities) later in 2012, ALLEA remains an Association under Dutch law.

Read the ALLEA Articles of Association.


The ALLEA bylaws are written and agreed upon by the ALLEA Board and are an addition to the ALLEA Articles of Association (ALLEA Statutes). The bylaws are in accordance with and subservient to the Statutes.

Read the ALLEA Bylaws